Shopvac Micro 4 Rechargeable - Cordless Wet and Dry Vac

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Our small Micro 4 Rechargeable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner punches well above its 1.6kg weight in the power stakes. It’s compact, portable and perfect for those quick wet or dry pick-up jobs where you don’t want to get out the big machines. It has a built-in handle and can easily be carried from place to place. Its micro-size makes it ideal for using on your stairs at home and for clean-up jobs in your garage, motor home or caravan. It’s also perfect for your car, where it can be run from the 12v socket if the battery’s running low.

This versatile, cordless vacuum will give you up to 8 minutes of powerful cleaning on a full charge and it comes with a good range of accessories - such as a wall bracket for easy, compact storage.

  • Air Flow: 2.6
  • Air Watts: 220
  • Electrical Rating: 12 VDS System Type 2
  • Max Watts: 1100
  • Model Number: 2025024
  • Tank size: 4 litres
  • Water Pressure: 559mm

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